Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why You Should Engage in Bodybuilding, Weight Loss and Fitness Exercises to Achieve Healthy Bones

Get this, your bones are being broken down every time and rebuilt.
Do you also know that your skeleton is affected by what you eat? Or even you might be affected if you do not exercise. Bones need a deposit especially when we are at our 20s and 30s. This bone deposit is known as ''bone bank.''
Bone bank helps us when we are at our 60s, having a lot of savings thus able to stand strong and tall instead of stooping over and racking in pain.
Our bones are continually renewed through a process known as Osteoclasts. These are cells that are responsible for remodeling. Osteoclasts cells dissolve old bones, leaving tiny spaces.
In its place Osteoblast comes in handy, they move in to build more bone. Osteoblasts are cells responsible for filling the spaces that have been left by Osteoclasts.
Your bones need to remodel and have a balance. Balance can only be gotten through frequent exercise, which helps in building of strong bones, avoiding the fracturing of bones such as the hip bone, the spine and wrist bone.
Get moving
Exercise is essential for the building of strong bones. Some of us only concentrate on building muscles only. The following are the best 4 favors you can do to your bones;
  1. Do exercises that are good for weight bearing at least 3 times a week, example we have of running.
  2. Try to bask in the sun every day. That should be before 11 am and after 3 pm.
  3. Eat well, calcium rich foods such as green, leafy vegetables.
  4. No stress, because it produces Cortisol, a hormone when in excess, can deplete your bones. You have to relax.
The preventive measures are essential especially in treating Osteoporosis. All of us know that prevention is better than cure.
Do something that to make sure that your bones will not come to let you down later in life, like exercising outside where you can get the sun. Very important- That you train outside, because we get vitamin D from the sun which helps in regulating Calcium.
For those in states or continents where the sun is always out and shining, you are not advised to stay more than 20 minutes a day in the sun.
Back to bones; most people do not know how fragile their bones are, until they experience the pain of a fracture.
The best solution is while growing and developing, engages in physical fitness or body building for others and do exercises that are weight bearing.
This article is to everyone and I am not excluding those of us with children growing into teenage years, Mothers please; make sure your daughter is working out. Make her love doing exercises.
You can start first engaging her for work-outs together with you. It should be a life style.
The development of a positive self concept is a complex and dynamic process. How one feel about them continually changes and is affected by factors such as;
  • Good unashamed body image.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Experiences of success and failures.
  • Personal relationships.
Be at your best, feel good, and build that body if you are into body building. Do the exercises mostly by yourself which is possible by acquiring the following program which is downloadable.


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