Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Graduated or Layered Styles for Fine Hair

It is simply a case of using what you have at your disposal. It doesn't necessarily need to involve expensive stylists, products, or endless gadgetry. With the right advice you can get the look you have always wanted. When it comes to hairstyles for fine hair two of the best techniques you can use are graduated and layered cuts. Both of these methods play to the strengths of your hair type, and can leave you with a stylish and manageable cut.
Graduated haircut
With a graduated haircut, you can add real volume and shape to your hair, which is always very welcome with a fine hair type. By cutting the hair shorter towards the back of the head, you create style and movement, which opens up more potential for it to be sculpted into your desired style. It is also possible to modify and customize a graduated haircut to suit your specific face shape and taste. There are numerous options within this, and once you are confident with the foundations of the cut, you can experiment more and more to find your perfect style. To add more uniqueness to the style, you can also play around with a variety of colors and tones, to further accentuate the texture and style.
Layered haircut
Successfully layering fine hair usually requires more skill on behalf of the stylist, and, as it involves a number of intricate cuts, it is easy to get it wrong. Fine hair will really show up any flaws within the cutting technique, and equally accentuate the skill of a good cut. It is thus important that you are with a stylist who you trust, and who is experienced at working with your hair type. Like graduated haircuts, layering adds more texture, and body to your hair, and can give it more character. Layering can be done specifically to highlight the natural shape of your face, and is thus a good alternative if you don't feel that a graduated haircut suits you.
These are of course only two of many options available to you, and you can use these methods to adapt a number of hairstyles. Your hair type can't prevent you from getting the style that you want; it may just mean that you need to be more creative in the process. Be proactive in discovering your perfect style. Talk to experts, friends, specialists, and people on the street. Every woman on the planet has been through a crisis with their hair, and finding hairstyles for fine hair may well require some initiation, some inspiration, and maybe even some interrogation. Don't be afraid; find your perfect style today.

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